About the Program

The program is structured to provide a liberal arts education that will constitute a foundation for advanced academic study, professional careers in a variety of fields, and a more complex and rich understanding of the world. Judaic Studies courses meet distribution requirements for both the Humanities and Social Sciences in the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering, the School of Communication, the School of Business and the Frost School of Music, can be used to satisfy requirements by majors and non-majors.


The University of Miami is the site of a national project initiated by the International Commission on Holocaust Era Insurance. This Internship Project is designed to assist Holocaust Survivors while at the same time providing students with a deep educational experience that will reinforce their community values and commitment. It has been an outstanding success and changed the lives of those, students and survivors, who have been involved in the program. Students are expected to take at least one for-credit Holocaust related course and commit to two semesters of service for 3 credits each semester. Credits may be earned for JUS, REL or Humanities requirements.

About one hour a week of student contact with a survivor is expected. Students may be eligible, subject to availability of funds, for a s Sue Miller Scholarship for the two semesters. Students will also earn a stipend of up to $250 per semester (to cover transportation costs). Students will meet at least four times each semester with a UM faculty member to share their experiences and to participate in enrichment activities.

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Jerusalem Seminar '14

For more information call Lori Bronholc at 305-284-8180